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Ninja Foodi vs. Cosori Air Fryer: 11 Key Differences

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If you’re planning to invest in versatile air fryers and contemplating choosing between Cosori and Ninja air fryers, Stick around! This post is for you! However, it’s undoubtedly true that both brands are top pieces in multiple worlds. They’re known globally for producing top-notch, effective, and durable kitchen products. So, we understand where the confusion set in.

That being so, we’ve combed every nook and cranny of air-fryers from these two brands. So, in this unbiased comparison, you’ll learn the differences between each piece in terms of design, capacity, cost, effectiveness, and much more. In the end, you’ll know the ropes of Cosori vs. Ninja Foodi air fryer, and you can be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Why you should trust us?

Having been in the kitchenware industry for a long time, we believe we can provide exactly what you want. However, we have investigated, tested, and reviewed thousands of kitchen equipment such as ovens, toasters, gas cookers, and fryers. In addition, we’ve spent hours researching and testing these two products. That’s not all! We’ve also analyzed various Amazon reviews on the two products. So you are in safe hands.

Cosori vs. Ninja: Comparison Chart

Here is a simple side-by-side comparison of Cosori vs. Ninja





Where They’re Made



Product Offerings

10 air fryers collections

 3 air fryers collections

Basket Material

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Basket Capacity

5.8 Quarts

6.5 Quarts

Control panel

Digital and manual


Temperature range (latest models)

170 °F and 400 °F

105 °F to 450 °F


 11.9 pounds

22 pounds



How we tested both air fryers?

Above board, we’ve tested the Cosori and Ninja Foodi air fryer several times. Each home appliance has grilled flank steak, air-fried chicken wings and legs, and air-fried French fries. Not only that! Both have also cooked frozen finger food and sandwich bread. First, we fried each food item on the appliance and evaluated how it went. Similarly, we do not close our eyes to the labels and buttons on each product. This is to get used to the signs of overheating, burning, and more. In short, we didn’t forget anything in the cold.

To feather our nest, we baked a whole chicken to see if it could make the best chicken beast. Also, we grill mozzarella sticks and Brussels sprouts to sum up. Additionally, we never look past how much noise the machine produces when used. Be aware! We use all the air fryer controls to see how easy it is to handle, switch and operate. We’re sure you think that’s all, but not yet! To avoid being on the wrong end, we ensure we follow the cooking book in the product package. This is to ensure that the recipe provided is accurate.

In addition, we use the recipes for cooking other items like white sandwich bread and vegetables such as carrots, eggplant, Zucchini, and others. After testing, we tried washing the air fryer’s components to see how effortless they were to clean and maintain. Then, at the end we get the facts and figures of how both air fryers work.

Key Differences

Difference 1: Cooking and performance

After testing both products, we can say that both air fryers were effective in making delicious food. In fact, none of them stays at low ebb. Both air fryers feature improved Rapid Air technology, allowing hot air to quickly circulate around food. Needless to say, Ninja Foodi cooks without oil. What caught our attention was how fast and evenly it cooked compared to Cosori. Similarly, this product can dehydrate food compared to Cosori air fryer. To free the beach, Let’s check out the results of tested food in both air fryers.

Chicken wings

Since one doesn’t need to preheat Ninja Foodi, the first thing we do with the Cosori air fryer is to select the preheating feature and set the temperature. Note! Ninja Foodi Chicken is not a buffalo chicken wing like Cosori.  Ninja Foodi does not require  oil but Cosori chicken was seasoned with an oil spray according to the recipe. Correspondingly, we adjusted Cosori’s cooking time to 18 minutes and Ninja Foodi to 20 minutes. After cooking, comparing the results shows that the wings of Ninja Foodi are very crispy and delicious without the oil. In fact,  the chickens were cooked more evenly than Cosori.

Frozen French Fries

Also, when we tried frozen french fries with both air fryers, it was very crispy and delicious. Ninja Foodi recommended cooking frozen french fries for 10 minutes, but found it to take longer. Therefore, you should always check your french fries to avoid burning them. On the other hand, Cosori also takes a little longer than the recommended cooking time. In the end, the Cosori fries turned out to have a better texture than the Ninja Foodi fries.


Four sliced ​​breads were placed  in both air fryer baskets at once. We roasted with the back button and compared the results. Believe us! We find it difficult to distinguish between Ninja Foodi and Cosori Air Fryers. Both are ready within minutes, and finally there is a delicious golden, crispy toast on the table.


According to the recipe, we used vegetable presets to cook some vegetables such as zucchini, mushrooms, yellow pumpkins and onions. Both Ninja Foodi and Cosori Air Fryers take 12 minutes to cook. You need to check from time to time to ensure it is well cooked. Cosori vegetables were nice and browned. Similarly, the vegetables in Ninja Foodi were completely crispy and delicious.

Difference 2: Design

The judgment of the eye buys beauty, but there is no doubt that Cosori’s air fryer has a simple yet unique design that is pleasing to the eye. Moreover, it has a well-designed exterior that you’ll love to add to your kitchen collection. In fact, it received a notable Red Dot award and IF Award in 2021 for its air fryer appearance. However, it would be an understatement to say the product is beautiful. Be aware that Cosori’s air fryer is designed to fit seamlessly in any kitchen space. Additionally, all air fryers from Cosori have a stainless steel housing that is not only appealing but also effective and highly functional.

Ninja Foodi air fryer, on the other hand, has an elegant shape with a large footprint that quite affects its aesthetics. Meanwhile, there is still more to this! But, it’s also important to point out that both air fryers’ basket handles vary. While Ninja Foodi has a silver handle finish with an ergonomic grip, Cosori features a black sleek handle.

Ninja Foodi air fryer:


Cosori Air fryer:


Difference 3: Company History

Since 2016, Cosori has made a mark to be recognized as a top producer of innovative kitchenware such as blenders, cookers, toasters, air fryers, and many more. All products from the brand are fabricated from an intuitive smart technology. The company was founded with the motive to help everyone achieve a healthy and improved cooking lifestyle. It is based in Southern California. Cosori hit the jackpot by launching the CP158-A, its first air fryer. And it has since then arrived in the air-fryers business. Cosori is part of Vesync Co, ltd, a marketer for small home appliances within the United States. Consequently, this has made the brand receive recognition globally.

On the flip side, Ninja Foodi air fryers, with their manufacturer as SharkNinja, were launched in 2017 by Mark Rosenzweig. Ultimately, the SharkNinja Operating LLC, formerly established as Euro-Pro Operating LLC in 1994, is an American marketer and distributor of home appliances. The company is based in Needham, Massachusetts, near Boston. SharkNinja’s name came from two primary brands, Shark, which deals with vacuum cleaners, and Ninja, which focuses on unique Kitchen devices. However, The Ninja brand has become a trusted manufacturer of long-lasting air fryers. It has received an impressive rating among millions of users worldwide.

Difference 4: Where it is made

Regardless of how you search, you’ll find out that the most commonly used domestic gadgets are designed in China. Although there are millions of air fryers in the kitchen devices industry, If you take a look, you’ll testify that most of the origin is from China. But haven’t you asked yourself why it’s so? The answer we think is simple! China products are much more affordable. So, to clear the coast, like every other brand, Cosori and Ninja air fryers are made in China, although Cosori products are designed in the United States.

Difference 5: Collections

As far as we know, Cosori Air fryers currently offer 10 different product collections, and each model comes with unique features and designs. But the most popular collection is Cosori Premium Stainless Steel 5.8Qt Air-Fryer Max XL, Cosori Smart Air-Fryer, Cosori Dual Blaze Air Fryer, and many more. You can find more ropes about this collection on Amazon. Ninja Foodi, on the other hand, has only 3 unique collections available in different versions.  This includes Ninja Foodi 2 Basket Air Fryers, Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker, and Ninja Max XL 5.8 Qt Air-Fryer. You can also get more information about the collections on Amazon.

Difference 6: Capacity

Without any debate, Air fryer is available in different capacities on different models. But when it comes to the high-capacity smart air fryer, Ninja takes the top spot. The unit comes with a 6.5-quart saucepan that holds up to 5 pounds of chicken. Similarly, it can hold a diet of up to 6lb for many people. In addition, you can use the fryer to cook up to 3 pounds of hand-cut fries as an additional bonus. Cosori Air Fryers also has a 5.8-quart square basket that can hold an entire 5-pound chicken. But, unlike ninjas, they can only prepare meals for 2.5 people at a time. So, primarily, the Cosori Air Fryers basket also comes in a 4-quart version, holding up to 2 pounds of frozen French fries.

Difference 7: Controls

Cosori air fryers are very easy to control with their One-touch buttons. Compared to other brands on the park, Cosori air fryer offers more pre-set buttons, including Steak, Chicken, French fries, Vegetables, Frozen foods, Shrimp, Seafood, Bacon, Bread, and dessert.

Additionally, the Cosori air fryer uses ThermolQ Technology to achieve precise heat control and air circulation. It also has a manual control setting where you can set the temperature and time. But this option is not the best. Users often find the model operation confusing, except for those quite familiar with it. The Ninja air fryer has only four cooking options: air-fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate. So, its few pre-set button make it difficult to navigate unless you are an expert. Fortunately, Ninja Air Fryers has a smart finish that is ideal for everyone.

Difference 8: Cleaning

The Cosori Air Fryer is easier to clean. In addition, it requires little or no effort for maintenance. This model comes with a removable non-stick coated basket that makes cleaning up an easy peasy. Many hot air fryers recommend hand washing, but the Cosori model is also dishwasher safe. Cleaning a Ninja hot air fryer is just as easy. This model is designed with user comfort in mind, making maintenance a piece of cake. If you don’t want to wash the device by hand, you can wash both the basket and the crisper plate in the dishwasher.

Difference 9: Noise

In terms of noise, the volume of Cosori and Ninja products is different. However, there is virtually no way to get kitchen appliances to work without making noise. And these air fryers are no exception. Still, it’s important to know that the Cosori Air Fryer is specially designed with advanced technology to reduce the noise level of your device. On the other hand, the Ninja Foodi air fryer is much quieter. Luckily, this model has won the hearts of thousands of users with this great feature.

Ninja Foodi noise check:

Cosori air fryer noise check:

Difference 10: Warranty and Guarantees

Irrespective of the Cosori’s air fryers you purchase, you get only a 1-year warranty which takes effect from the date of first purchase. The warranty guarantees that you will receive a defect-free product that will last a long time. However, if you encounter any issues after the one-year warranty expires, you will have to fix them yourself. However, one big drawcard of the Cosori air fryer is that it offers its customers a chance to extend their warranty by one year. Isn’t that cool? Yes, it is! But you need to visit their official website and register your fryer within 14 days of purchase. You’re not entitled to the offer if your purchase is not officially recorded.

Another flower of Cosori is that they ensure customers’ satisfaction. For example, do you know that you don’t need to ship back the product if found defective? Instead, you have to contact the customer support team, and a replacement will be shipped back immediately. The Ninja Foodi Air fryer comes with a 60-day money-back and 1-year VIP limited warranty. But you need to call 1-866-826-6941 to claim your warranty. Again, ensure you have the purchase receipt as proof to initiate the warranty. Likewise, keep in mind that this offer applies to purchases made from authorized companies.

Difference 11: Price

Basically, the Cosori Air Fryer is a budget-friendly product compared to the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer. Do you know what they say? The higher the price, the higher the quality. Unfortunately, the opposite is true for Cosori. Even though it’s cheap, it’s not below par. On the contrary, it’s one of the best brands with attractive features and affordable options. Still, we’re not saying that Ninja Foodi is not cost-effective, but it should be pointed out that it is not as affordable as Cosori. You can get high-end Cosori products for less than $ 100. However, investing in Ninja Foodi products costs more bucks.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Cosori or Ninja Foodi?

The choice is yours! But know that the one you pick depends on your needs. Besides, since you’ve read through the post, you’re now familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of both products. However, if you prefer an affordable air fryer, we recommend the Cosori air fryer. On the other hand, if you plan to make a family dinner, you should check out Ninja Foodi.

Other Competition

Aside from Cosori and Ninja air fryers, there are other brands air fryers that are worth checking out on. These include:

Instant Vortex 6 Quart Air Fryer

Specifications :

  • Model Name: Vortex
  • Brand: Instant Pot
  • Capacity: 6 Quarts
  • Item weight: 12.08 Pounds
  • Color: Black

Check Price on Amazon

Unlike most air fryers, Instant Vortex Air Fryer uses Evencrisp technology to ensure you get crispy food. Therefore, it always tastes the same crispy, fresh or frozen. This model is one of the most versatile hot air fryers we have come across. But, unfortunately, it isn’t quiet.

Instant pot air fryer

Specifications :

  • Model Name: 8 Quart Air Fryer
  • Brand: Instant Pot
  • Capacity: 8 Quarts
  • Item weight: 23.3 pounds
  • Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes

The Instant Pot Air Fryer is another versatile model on the market. Whether roasting, grilling or dehydrating, this model guarantees crispy results. This is because it uses Evencrisp technology to get crispy foods with 95% less oil. In addition, this product features an anti-spin design that secures the pan for perfect frying compared to other models.

Check Price on Amazon

Gourmia 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer GAF698

Specifications :

  • Brand: Gourmia
  • Capacity: 6 Quarts
  • Item Weight: 5.42 Kilograms
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Has Nonstick Coating: Yes

Check Price on Amazon

Gourmia is another leading manufacturer of high-quality kitchen products. This brand of air fryers has a more durable non-stick coating. This device can cook whole meat at once. Similarly, these are fast and do not require cooking oil. Another fancy fact about this device is that they are multifaceted.


Cosori Air Fryer or Ninja Foodi Air Fryer, which one is the value for money?

Both Ninja Foodi and Cosori air fryer are renowned brands because they manufacture top-quality kitchen products. However, both models are perfect for various situations, so it’s hard to say which value is for money. Nevertheless, know that both units are worth the investment, but make sure your choices bring great benefits to your needs.

Which air fryer is easy to maintain, Cosori or Ninja Foodi?

Neither Ninja Foodi nor Cosori is difficult to keep clean. But Cosori dishwasher safe and easier to maintain than Ninja Foodi

Which air fryer is the safest, Cosori or Ninja Foodi?

On the market today, no brand produces products with top-notch safety features like Ninja Foodi and Cosori. Besides, these two companies ensure your device automatically shuts off while you are away. So, neither Ninja Foodi nor Cosori is unsafe for home use.

Which air fryer is the quietest, Cosori or Ninja Foodi?

Low noise is an attractive feature that makes these two air fryers users’ choices. In addition, both brands include Air Whisper Technology, which keeps the noise at its minimum.

Which is more compact, Cosori or Ninja Foodi?

Both Cosori and Ninja Foodi are simple to carry around. In fact, you don’t need a large space to install them. These space-saving products are ideal for any kitchen size.

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