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Gourmia vs. Instant Pot Air Fryer: Key Performance Factors

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Are you buying an air fryer and don’t know where to start?

We will review here are two models the Gourmia Air Fryer versus the Instant Pot Fryer Air Fryer. A comparison between the two brands will be made, of which you will learn how they both match up or differ in there:

Design, Capacity, Controls,  Noise level, Warrantees and Guarantees, Pricing  And more

Therefore, you will no longer have a hard choice to make. The information is here, just keep reading. You would want to know this next pertinent question. Why should you trust this source? Well, we have done our own research into the reaction on the market from consumers and from experts in air fryers. Also, hours were spent on practical experiments, to record and give you firsthand information into how they are used and the quality of finish products they produce.

Comparison Chart


Instant Pot Air Fryer

Gourmia air fryer

Where it is made




Instant Pot+ Air Fryer in one

Only air fryer


Only for methods of cooking (roasting, baking, air frying, steam, broil, preheat, sauté, broil etc.) temperature and time as to be programmed to cook specific food items

Preset for specific foods (wings, french fries, seafood, bacon, vegetables, broil, air fry etc.)

Manual guide and recipe book

Manual guide, no recipe boo only a chart with temperatures and time for some food types and an app with some recipes

Manual guide and recipe book

Lids Attached

Comes with two lids, one for air frying and one for pressure and multi-cooking

Only air fry, pull out drawer




Non Stick




Black/Stainless steel

 Black/Stainless steel


22.18 pounds

11.92 pounds


14.76L x 13.58Wx 15.28H

11L x 12.5W x 13.9H


 6qrt+8qrt 11in 1, 6qrt 9in1, Duo Plus 9 in 1

Digital and Classic Knobs 2.2qrt,3.5qrt,4qrt,5qrt,6qrt, 7qrt,8qrt and 9qrt


Operation Mode






How we tested both air fryers

The air fryers were ran through a series of test as follows. Frozen fries cooked to test how it cooks frozen food, chicken wings (prepped and seasoned not frozen), white sandwich bread and vegetables (not frozen) were tested in both.

French Fries (Frozen Food)

Both fryers were filled with the frozen fries to capacity, this is to ensure they are seen under the same condition of cooking along with time and temperature. The specific preset button for fries on the Gourmia was selected and the same temperature and time applied to the Instant One Pot Air fryer since this fryer has no presets for fries.

The French fries were loaded in the fryers for two more batches to get three batches for effective analysis. This was to test the performance of the fryers and their ability to cook batches and the results of the finish products.

The final products were laid on two trays one labeled Gourmia and the other One pot fryer. The fries in each batches were inspected with they eye for dryness, sogginess and also to see if they were properly browned, cooked or undercooked. A taste test was also done for these previously listed criteria for quality.

Results: The fries were crispy, well done for the Gourmia air fryer and soggy, dry and mushy on the inside for the one instant air fryer.


Chicken Wings

The same procedure for testing was followed as the procedures for french fries however we loaded 8-10 pieces wings to ensure space was available for the heat to flow through, also the fryers were preheated for maximum results.

The controls were used preset for the wings on the Gourmia after the preheat was completed. The Instant One pot was also preheated after which the same time and temperature was applied as that of the Gourmia since no presets are available for wings.

The browning quality was checked for both, whether they were over or undercooked, crispy, and how they tasted for both air fryers.


The chicken wings from both were cooked, but the brown was deeper on the wings cooked in the Gourmia, both just as tasty as it would have been if cooked in a traditional oven or toaster oven with air fry.

White Bread

The ability to toast white bread was also tested, by filling each air fryer with slices of bread as much as it can hold then pressing the bake button, since there is no toast button.

Both Gourmia and One pot fryer has a bake preset set. Three batches were done to see consistency of how the bread browns. We toasted bread in an original toaster and used that as the acceptable standard for comparison


Both air fryers toasted the bread to acceptable standard of that of the toaster.


Zucchini, carrot, and eggplant

These were prepped and loaded into each air fryer, then presets for vegetable pressed for the Gourmia; the same time and temperature programmed into the Instant One Pot Fryer since it has no vegetable presets.

We only did one batch for the vegetables and compared the texture and how it tasted: Whether juicy, dry and whether they were over or undercooked.


The carrot, zucchini and eggplant were cooked properly they were juicy and tasty, not over nor under cooked.


The Gourmia is a black and stainless steel rectangular shaped fryer that fits on your countertops. Its sleek stainless steel and black color goes well in any modern kitchen. It weighs 11.92 pound, of dimensions 11 L X 12.5 W x 13.9 H. It has a digital 12 touch interface with presets such as fries, wings, and seafood etc. which takes the guesswork out cooking and which lights up when touched. It also displays time and temperature side by side. It has a pull out basket with an handle you can touch while it is in operation, the grill is nonstick which allows ease of cleaning. The Gourmia as a steam tray as a feature. All the functional parts are detachable for cleaning purposes.

Both Instant Pot Air fryer and Gourmia are black and stainless steel however they differ in many ways. The instant pot weighs 23.9 pounds showing that it is heavier, and also longer and wider 13.58 L and 13.58 W, however the instant pot is about 1 inch shorter that the Gourmia which is 12.99 H. Both instant pot and Gourmia have digital touch, but the difference is in the presets and how many they both have.  The Gourmia as a 12 in one touch while the instant pot has 11 in one touch.

The presets on the instant pot do not specify for fries, seafood, wings etc. they are preset for methods of cooking such as roasting, broiling, saute, air fry etc. The instant pot food is placed inside a stainless steel inner pot if your pressure cooking or in the air fry basket which is also shaped as a pot. So instead of pulling out a draw as the Gourmia you place the food within the pot, it comes with a steam rack a dehydrate tray and air dome shaped like air fryer lid and a multi-cooker lid. The lids are detachable whether your air frying or pressure cooking. These various parts are detachable for cleaning purposes.

Gourmia air fryer:


Instant pot air fryer:

Where it is made and company history

Gourmia Air Fryer was founded by Heshy Biegeleisen in Brooklyn NY in 2015, out the need to enable consumers to eat better, healthier, and fresher food and spend less time in the kitchen doing it, whether cooking or cleaning up. They have a line of air fryers, multi-function pressure cookers, coffee machines and dehydrators. Gourmia kitchen are however made in China and manufactured and distributed by Gourmia at their headquarters.

Instant Pot Air Fryer was founded by Robert Wang, in Ottawa Canada who lost his job in 2008. He developed instant pot out of a need to get fast food which was healthy with less time spent on preparation and cooking. Instant pot presents multi-cookers, blenders, rice cookers and air fryers. Instant pot is made in China but was designed, developed manufactured and distributed in Ottawa Canada by Robert Wang and associates.


The collections of Gourmia air fryer varies according to size and capacity. The collections are as follows: 2.2 qrt, 3.5qrt, 4qrt, 5qrt, 6qrt, 7qrt,8qrt and 9qrt. Also, there are collections with the classic button and digital touch.

The Instant pot in comparison only has two collections for the 6 qrt and 8qrt Duo Crisp which are 11 in 1 digital touch, 9 in 1 Duo Crisp which is also 6 qrt and 9 in 1 Duo Plus which is 15 in one digital touch.


This collection of instant pot fryer which is being reviewed can hold 6 qtrs., if you have a large family over 4 persons and you purchase this air fryer you will have to do batch cooking. You can buy the 8qrt version or the instant pot however, the collection of this type of instant pot only has 6 and 8 qtrs. The Gourmia on the other hand is also 6 qtr. and as the same as the instant pot you can buy a different collection if you have a family larger that 4 persons.

Also, you can check out their other collections 2.2qrt,3.5qrt,4qrt,5qrt,6qrt, 8qrt and 9 qtr. The Gourmia gives more options in capacity variations in its collection comparison to instant pot.


The Gourmia Air Fryer controls is digital touch which is as presets such as: Air fry, fries, wings, bacon, seafood, vegetables, bake, roast, broil, dehydrate, reheat, keep warm, increase + decrease temperature and time button, start, stop/cancel, turn reminder and check temperature button. On the other hand, the Instant pot air fryer presets are not specific to food types they are for methods of cooking as such: buttons to increase and decrease temperature and time, pressure cook, sauté, slow cook, steam, sous vide, air fry, broil, dehydrate, delay start, start, and keep warm. They both come with a user manual, however Gourmia comes with a recipe book and Instant provides an app with recipes.


The Gourmia and the Instant Pot Air Fryer are both easy to clean by hand and dishwasher. The Instant pot however has more parts to clean than the Gourmia which is just the air fryer drawer, the nonstick grill, the steam rack and wiping of the exterior. However, the Instant pot has two lids: multi-cooker lid and an air fryer lid, the stainless steel pot, the air fryer basket, the dehydrator tray, the steam rack and the exterior. The Gourmia is much easier to clean and store.


The Gourmia is almost quite you can barely hear it a very silent humming the fans do not produce any loud exhaust sounds. The Instant pot is also very quiet so there is not much difference in this area.

Warranty and Guarantees

Gourmia allows for you to register your appliance for your safety and efficient warranty service through a form on their website They ask that you keep your receipt has a proof of purchase as product registration is not a proof of purchase, it however allows you to be efficiently serviced.

It didn’t state on the website what the conditions of purchase and refund are, however, the warranty and service is stated in the user manual you would get with the fryer. The warranty is such that “limited warranty is for one full year from the date of purchase, not including wear and tear. The warranty can involve replacement or repair of the defective part.

Instant Pot Air Fryer warranty on the other hand is the same one year from date of purchase as Gourmia. It also allows for replacement or repairs. The full warranty and disclaimers can be viewed on the website in comparison to Gourmia no full detailed is available only a form to register your appliance for warranty service. The warranty is also available in the user manual guide.


The instant pot on Amazon cost, which might be subject to change is $148.99. However the Gourmia is 107.60$ subjected to change also on Amazon. The instant pot air fryer is more expensive but considering it is a 2 in one: An instant pot and an air fryer, the cost is however appropriately priced. The Gourmia is a bit pricy since it only does air frying in comparison to the instant pot that air fries, slow cook and pressure. It wouldn’t be appropriate to say this one is more expensive or more affordable as they serve different functions and if one should coin words as such, the Instant pot would be the most appropriately priced.

Overall Amazon customers sentiment


In analysis of Amazon’s customer review both Instant pot and Gourmia scored high in positive sentiments 90% and 94% respectively, with negative comments between 6% and 10% respectively. This clearly shows they are both favorites among the consumers they both must fulfill the needs they were purchased for.

Should you buy Gourmia Air Fryer or Instant Pot Air Fryer

Let me tell you this, for me it comes down to the purpose you require it for. Such as family, lifestyle and time you have available.

It would seem that Gourmia Air Fryer is easier to operate than the Instant Pot Air Fryer due to its presets. As well as that it is dubbed to be a consumer favorite. It’s a prep, snap and go for me so I would definitely buy the Gourmia over the Instant pot.

The Gormia also gives better results in the food quality especially fries and it is easier to clean also it is very quiet who wouldn’t want that. But again, if you want an instant pot and a fryer in one and for that reason alone the instant pot would be a better buy. If you want affordability and convenience in its ability to pressure cook and slow cook along with air frying, go for it.

Bottom line they serve their specific purpose but if you want an air fryer the Gourmia Air Fryer is the one for you, hands down.


A good competitor to the Gourmia Air Fryer is the Cosori Air Fryer. The Cosori is more affordable and performs the same function, but the Gourmia delivers better results in the quality of food and the noise level, the Cosori sounds as exhaust hood. They both are easy to clean and carry the same capacity.

Both the Gourmia and Cosori positive sentiments are high among consumers. So, it is quality for money spent.

The Instant Pot Fryer would be right to be compared with the Ninja Foodi since they both perform the same function of pressure cooking and air frying. They both give the same results however the ninja runs very hot, so the temperature has to be adjusted to prevent burning your food. The ninja tray also falls out when you turn food out unto a plate. That said the instant pot is a better buy than the ninja air fryer.


What is the capacity of Gourmia air fryer?

The Gourmia air fryer capacity is 6 qrt.

Does the Gourmia air fryer have detachable lids?

No. The Gourmia fryer has a pull out drawer

Can the Gourmia air fryer do pressure cooking?

No. It doesn’t do slow cooking

Does the instant pot fryer have nonstick grills?

Yes. The instant pot fryer has non-stick baskets.

Can I wash the instant pot fryer in the dishwasher?

Yes. The parts are detachable and can be washed in the dishwasher

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